Improved cross-border transport infrastructure along the Orava road

The Orava region, which straddles the Polish-Slovak border, has been the scene of territorial cooperation involving modernisation of the road linking Jabłonka and Lipnica Wielka in Poland with Bobrov and Zubrohlava in Slovakia. This has made cross-border transport safer, quicker, easier, more comfortable, and thus more frequent for local people, tourists and investors.

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An aerial view of Orava Road. © Provincial Road Authority in Krakow An aerial view of Orava Road. © Provincial Road Authority in Krakow

" The project proves that good cooperation does not know borders or administrative divisions. We are proud to see the dormant road returning to life and serving tourists and local communities. It enables safer, quicker and more comfortable travel across the border. I hope that the project shows that the needs of the Orava region are taken into account and translates into tangible advantages in fields such as cross-border tourism and trade. "

Marta Maj, Acting Director of the Krakow Provincial Road Authority

Three bridges were modernised and a new one was built to replace an old, narrow road in a poor state of repair on the Polish side of the border, while a further bridge was modernised on the Slovak side. Almost 7 km of road was upgraded and a roundabout and footpaths were also laid.

Instead of taking the main road used by lorries, local inhabitants, entrepreneurs and tourists can now follow a shorter and quicker route across the border. This has eliminated a bottleneck in an area where road traffic has increased significantly in recent years.

Intensified cross-border contacts

The modernised road has helped to intensify cross-border contacts and cooperation between communities. It is also conducive to smoother driving which reduces exhaust emissions, noise and vibrations, while the footpaths improve pedestrian safety.

The new infrastructure complements cultural and tourist projects in the region, especially as the road provides picturesque views of the Tatra Mountains. In the longer term, it might strengthen the already vibrant cross-border trade links and bring about associated local development as it provides easier access to popular trade fairs in Jabłonka and Nowy Targ.

In the Orava region, both sides of the border share common traditions and culture and boast an attractive tourist offer. However, the state of the road before the project was implemented hampered movement across the border, diminished the region's accessibility and created feelings of marginalisation in areas situated some distance from regional centres.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Orava Road” is EUR 4 024 909, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 3 315 240 from the Operational Programme “Poland - Slovakia” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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