Romanian railway line brought up to speed

41.185 km of railway line in the west of Romania will be upgraded bringing improved journey speed and comfort to passengers as well as improved efficiency for freight transport.

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The section of railway line addressed by this project runs between the Romanian–Hungarian state border and the km 614 point. As part of the trans-European transport network, the so-called TEN-T programme, it is therefore seen as important for European transport as well as for local transport. As a result of this upgrade, the maximum speed for passenger trains will be increased to 160 km and for freight trains will be increased to 120 km bringing this section of railway in line with European and international standards.

Benefits for locals and visitors alike

These improvements will bring increased safety and comfort for passengers along with decreased journey times which should all contribute to encouraging greater numbers of citizens to travel by rail. Freight services are also expected to become a more attractive logistical option as a result of the upgrade.

While improving the railway line will benefit tourists and visitors passing through western Romania, the biggest benefit will be felt by citizens and businesses in western Romania, and particularly in Arad County. Aside from improvements in rail travel, local people will also see an employment boost as about 333 jobs are expected to be created through this project.

Total rehabilitation

To bring the Border - km 614 section of railway up to standard, the entire length of track requires rehabilitation including the rails, sleepers and ballast. Where there is a single track, a second track may be constructed. Additionally, four railway stations will be upgraded. As a result of this, 91.99 % of the track will be of sufficient standard to allow the maximum speeds of 160 km for passenger trains and 120 km for freight trains.

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