Motorists on the move in north-east Romania

In response to growing transport demand and the need for high quality roading, this major infrastructure project will see the upgrading of 95 km of roads as well as bridge renovations and constructions.

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For road users in Romania and beyond its borders, the benefits are numerous and include fewer estimated fatal accidents, greater accessibility and reduced travel times and vehicle running costs.

Linking with the national network

The road sections to be upgraded are the DN24 (from Galati/Vaslui county limit to Crasna) and DN24B (Crasna - Albita). These sections are among the last sections left to be upgraded as part of the wider upgrading programme of Romania's TEN-T road network, ensuring compliance with both Romanian and European standards. The roads will be managed by CNADNR S.A. (the National Company for Motorways and National Roads of Romania S.A.) and thus be under direct public management.
Employment stands to gain from the project undertaken, with a total of 350 direct jobs created (of 2 years duration) during the implementation phase, and five direct jobs created (of 25 years duration) during the operational phase.

Faster journeys, safer driving

The result of the upgrade works will be better basic infrastructure for the increasing volumes of traffic on this section of the road network, including traffic to and from the Republic of Moldova and beyond, and a higher quality network using the latest technologies available. The project will include the construction of an overpass and six new bridges, as well as the upgrading of 16 existing bridges, markedly enhancing accessibility for motorists. Once completed, the road system will benefit local businesses and residents in Vaslui county (population approximately 455 049) with safer roads and lower running costs. 
The following are estimates and highlight some of the key benefits of the upgrading: a 20% reduction in serious and fatal accidents between the Galati – Vaslui county limit and Albita; a reduction in travel time from 98 minutes to 76 minutes between the Galati – Vaslui county limit and Albita: and a 13% reduction in vehicle running costs.

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