Infrastructure works boost tourist numbers for Arad

A road and rail transport infrastructure project has helped increase the number of tourists visiting Romania's historic town of Arad by 27 % in its first year of operation.

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View of the Traian bridge View of the Traian bridge

" The CIVAR project has increased the attractiveness of the city and county of Arad, through sustainable rehabilitation, promoting its cultural-historical heritage and modernising infrastructure. "

Iulian Morar, Municipality of Arad - Project Implementation Unit

The “Rehabilitation of the old historic centre of Arad” (CIVAR) project involved rebuilding 12 streets as well as a complete upgrade of the iconic Traian Bridge with 185.4 m of roads and tracks. 10 km of water pipes, sewerage and public lightning were also installed across the centre. In addition, works were carried out on a historic school building known as the Preparandia.

The works carried out on the Traian Bridge in particular have significantly improved the city's public transport infrastructure. The bridge now connects the two sections of the Arad Urban Transport Project, ensuring the continuity of rail and road traffic along the main axis of the city. Passenger numbers have increased significantly with many car owners now opting to take public transport – this is good news for the environment.

Benefits for the local economy

Within a year of the work's completion, tourist numbers to Arad increased by 27 %. This increase in visitors has had a significant positive economic impact on the city.

The “Rehabilitation of the old historic centre of Arad” project successfully combines the community’s need to preserve the past and enrich its future. It meets several strategic objectives of the city, including a better transport infrastructure, a rise in public transport use, revitalisation of the cultural heritage, increased environmental protection and a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

The renewable power supply system produces enough energy for the new vehicles and the quality of the new tracks together with the high-tech traffic signaling system makes crossing the Traian Bridge a safe, quiet and comfortable experience. CIVAR is interconnected with other strategic infrastructure projects, demonstrating Arad's integrated long-term strategic vision for the city.

The project has created 15 permanent jobs.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Historic Centre Arad – CIVAR” is EUR 8 700 876 of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 5 816 005 from the Operational Programme “Regional Operational Programme” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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