S8 express road provides improved transport links for all motorists

The construction of a 9.23 km stretch of the S8 express road between Salomea and Wolica in central Poland brings a range of benefits for travellers. The new dual carriageway offers a greater level of comfort for high-speed, long distance motorists while improving the flow of local traffic and increasing safety levels for all road users.

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This new section of the S8 can cope with speeds of 100 km/h and loads of 115 kN/axle, and has been designed to deal with projected increases in traffic levels. The road improves transport accessibility within Poland and helps to provide better connections with neighbouring countries.

The S8 is also part of the EU’s trans-European transport network (TEN-T). The TEN-T programme aims to improve transport infrastructures across Europe so that goods and people can move more easily in and between Member States.

Quicker journeys

The project also upgrades a 3.4 km stretch of National Road No7 which links with the S8. The revamp means the national road can handle axle loads of 115 kN/axle and speeds of 70 km/h.

Other key elements of the work programme include:

  • Construction of three junctions at Sokołowska, Janki Małe and Paszków;
  • Construction of 13 viaducts, 4 bridges and 5 footbridges;
  • Some upgrading of two roads that link with the S8 – National Road No8 and provincial road No721; and
  • Construction of cycle paths and cycle/pedestrian pathways.

Ten wildlife crossings and perimeter fencing to allow for safe animal movements are also included in the scheme, as is the erection of noise and anti-dazzle barriers.

Estimated time savings accruing from the scheme for the year 2016 are expected to be in the region of EUR 92.8 million for passenger traffic and EUR 24.4 million for freight traffic. A toll is to be charged on the expressway section.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Construction of S8 road, section Salomea - Wolica, together with links to National Road No. 7 excluding the section of the city” is EUR 130 574 602, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 108 977 562 from the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “TEN-T road and air transport network”.

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