Railway line 1 upgrades improve safety and reduce environmental impact in Poland

A major project to revitalise the Koluszki – Czestochowa portion of the Warsaw – Katowice railway line improves rail traffic safety while shortening passenger journeys and reducing adverse environmental impact. The project implements new jointless track and improved line drainage, reducing noise and the failure rate of railway infrastructure, while also benefiting passengers and carriers with faster travel times across 125km of track.

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Faster services for passengers

Inhabitants of Łódzkie and Ślaskie, as well as inhabitants of other provinces using railway line 1, benefit from the improved track. The project is also compliant with rules regarding persons with reduced mobility (TSI PRM), creating a safe, fast, easy option for all travelers. Carriers and entrepreneurs benefit from using the revitalised line for business purposes, and those traveling for business and education will see faster, more efficient service.

The project will restore the original maximum speed and axle load limit parameters of railway line 1 on 125 km of track. The maximum speed on main tracks will be restored to 120km/h for passenger trains, and 100km/h for freight trains. Maximum axle load limit will be restored to 22.5 tonnes.

Technical Aspects

Revitalisation of railway line 1 involves many components—from cleaning the site to modernization and demolition works. For example, the track structure will be dismantled or replaced and the trackbed will be reinforced.

The following elements will be upgraded: level crossings, civil-engineering structures in their existing location, existing platforms; station equipment; control-command systems; and the lighting on platforms and crossings.

Unnecessary storage buildings will be demolished while the drainage system will be renovated.

Finally, electric heating equipment for turnouts, telecommunications facilities on platforms and crossings for passenger information will all be installed.

Estimated passenger transport savings are EUR 6 952 659 per year, with a total sum of discounted socio-economic benefits due to shifting passengers from car to railway transport of EUR 150 980 308 from 2013-2042.

Total Investment and EU Funding

Total investment for the project “Improvement of the quality of transport services by amelioration of the technical condition of the railway line no. 1 on the Koluszki-Częstochowa section” is EUR 158 987 737, with the European Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 94 712 866 under the operational programme “Infrastructure and Environment” for the 2007-2013 programming period, under the priority axis “Transport safety and national transport networks.”

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