New road and bridge will smooth traffic flow

The construction of a 4.1 km section of National Road No 1 – including a 540 metre-long bridge over the Vistula river in Torun – will shorten journey times, cut accident rates and reduce emissions.

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This project will provide a new road with two lanes for each direction of travel, along with service roads, flyovers, viaducts and a tunnel. The scheme will also undertake the reconstruction of a 400 m tram line. Work will take place between the interchange at Daszyńskiego square to the north and the Łódzka interchange to the south of Torun.

The project is located on the main north-south Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridor in central Poland which links Pomerania with Silesia. The EU-backed TEN-T network is being developed to improve transport links and infrastructure to help people and goods travel more efficiently between Member States. The Torun scheme seeks to improve the traffic flow, safety, capacity and quality of this road corridor for transit and domestic traffic.

Big savings

The completed road should provide annual travel time savings of approximately EUR 25 141 106 for passenger cars and EUR 3 011 735 for freight transport. In addition, it should reduce the costs of accidents by about EUR 3 869 185, while reducing emissions to the tune of EUR 717 846 as measured in environmental benefits.

During the implementation phase, this project will generate 2 573 jobs. The city of Torun will bear the cost of maintaining the road after completion.

Total and EU funding

The project “Construction of Torun road bridge with access roads” has a total eligible budget of EUR 139 651 241, with the EU’s Cohesion fund contributing EUR 116 538 961 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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