New photovoltaic farms to focus on energy efficiency and renewables

The five communes that comprise the tourist area of the Ziewala Valley in the Lubelskie region of Poland will get a boost in renewable energy supplies with the construction of a new photovoltaic farm. The installation will contribute toward Poland's goal of 15 % renewable power by 2020.

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Photovoltaic panels at Bordziłówka © Energia Dolina Zielawy Photovoltaic panels at Bordziłówka © Energia Dolina Zielawy

" Produced energy will be sold by Energia Dolina Zielawy … Residents will indirectly benefit from the construction of the farm. The company, when the profit is achieved, will forward it to the shareholders or communes. These funds will go into the budgets of local governments giving the possibility to use them for further investments, e.g. construction of roads , school renovation and other needs. "

Representative of Wisznice commune

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