Environmentally-friendly improvements to regional and urban transit systems

The purchase of 16 new electrical rail multiple-units aims to improve the transport infrastructure that serves Warsaw’s F.Chopin and Modlin international airports. The upgrade brings additional benefits to Warsaw’s broader urban transit systems and the E-65 transport corridor.

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A direct consequence of the project is an expansion of the overall railway infrastructure that helps to reduce road traffic by allowing greater movement of goods and people by rail. In turn, that has a very positive impact in terms of environmental protection, preserves cultural identity and helps develop territorial cohesion.

Trains that meet the needs of all

The 16 new trains have all been delivered and are in operation. In developing them, special consideration was given to the needs of people with limited personal mobility. One pair of doors on each side of the carriage has extra fittings to facilitate ease of entry and exit, while onboard toilets are equipped for those with disabilities. Air-conditioned passenger compartments, seating made from anti-vandal materials and acoustic insulation help to make journeys more comfortable for all those traveling on the EMUs.

In keeping with environmental protection requirements, the units have low external noise emission levels and a closed toilet system. The design incorporates shock-absorbing materials to minimise the impact in case of a collision and all the windows are fitted with shatterproof glass.

Increasing the number of people using the rail infrastructure

The main beneficiaries of those using the new trains are those traveling between F.Chopin International Airport and Modlin International Airport via Warsaw Central. There are benefits too for passengers whose journey takes them between Warsawa Gdańska and Modlin International Airport, as well as travellers on the regional routes between Warsawa Gdańska and Nowy Dwór.

It is estimated that an additional 2 400 000 passengers are to be generated by the improvements to the rail infrastructure within the first three years of the new multi-unit rolling stock’s introduction.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Purchase of railway rolling stock dedicated to services for airport and urban travel in corridor E-65 and in the Warsaw agglomeration” is EUR 96 272 972, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 51 811 545 through the “Infrastructure and Environment” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period, under the "Environment-friendly transport" priority.

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