Encouraging environmental-friendly public rail transport

The newly-extended tram network in the Polish city of Wrocław aims to boost the attractiveness of public transport for the whole conurbation.

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The project has seen the construction of two brand new sections of single track, 5.3 km in length, on the city´s tram system. Two existing tramlines, ‘Tramwaj Plus’ and ‘Srednicowa Route’, both separate from other road users, have also been upgraded, while some 37.85 km length of track has been either rebuilt or modernised.

The new routes mean that the city´s tram network now extends further out of the city to two large housing estates, Guj and Kozanow, as well as to the area surrounding the National Stadium, built for the 2012 European football championships.

This project also includes,the purchase of 39 modern trams, each with a section of low floor, and the construction of 26 fully-equipped stations, with 13 existing stations being modernised.

Modern equipment which provides up-to-date passenger information at certain tram stops has also been installed, as well as eight power stations for tramlines.

Overtaking cars as most popular mode of transport

All the various measures are part of much wider plans, launched in 2007, for the expansion of the Wroclaw tram system. The latest phase of works also dovetails with the city´s strategy to foster ecological-friendly public transport and a gradual reduction in car use.

The scheme was due to be completed in April 2013, and it is predicted that some additional 18.9 million passengers will have used public transport in Wrocław by the end of 2014. The aim is to increase the attractiveness of public rail transport, in order to overtake the car as the predominant mode of transport in the city and its urban area.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project "Integrated rail transport system in Wrocław city and its agglomeration, Phase 1" is EUR 187 050  131. EU´s Cohesion Fund is contributing with EUR 100 992 337 from the Operational Programme "Infrastructure and Environment" for the 2007 to 2013 programming period under the priority axis "Environment-friendly transport."

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