Bypass provides quicker, safer journeys

A project to extend a major junction in Gdańsk, in northern Poland is helping to improve traffic flow, shorten journey times and increase safety on a busy part of the country’s road network.

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The Karczemki junction is located at the intersection of the Tricity bypass (express road S-6) and Kartuska Street (known as the W-Z route). The expansion scheme provides a more convenient connection between the two roads. More broadly, it improves connections between routes that run in East-West and North-South directions by connecting the S-6 with National Road No7, running to and from Warsaw, and National Road No1, which runs through to Gdańsk City Centre.

Work on the project included the construction of 10 km of express road, plus the revamp of an existing 3 km section. The design provides for two, three-way lanes, plus various connecting roads, viaducts and footbridges.

Environmental protection measures, along with various technical and traffic safety facilities, formed part of the package – including four passageways for animals. The main expressway allows for maximum speeds of 100 km/hour and can cope with load capacities of 115 kN (kilonewtons) per axle. This toll-free section of road is managed and operated by the Directorate-General for National Roads and Motorways.

Wider scheme

The junction falls within the Gdańsk-Katowice-Zylina route, which is part of the EU’s trans-European Transport Network, the so-called TEN-T programme. The TEN-T programme has been designed to improve transport infrastructures across Europe in order to make it easier for people and goods to move within and across EU Member States.

This particular project is the second stage of a wider scheme to construct the W-Z route in Gdańsk. The other stage covers work to build the Kartuska-Otomińska section. Although the projects are independent, they complement each other in terms of delivering greater efficiencies to the local road network.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project "Extension of the Tri-City by-pass (DK S-6) with Kartuska Street (DK7) junction – the Karczemki junction in Gdańsk" is EUR 62 054 674, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 40 335 741 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The project falls under the Operational Programme “Infrastructure and Environment”, priority “TEN-T road and air transport network”.

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