Boosting the energy sector

Set up in 2003 to expand energy-related business, knowledge and sustainable development, the Energy Valley foundation acts as a catalyst and platform for both private and public organisations. With over 50 years experience in the field of natural gas and oil, the Northern Netherlands region is in a prime position to enhance its own economic structure in this sector.

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Capturing energy in the Northern Netherlands Capturing energy in the Northern Netherlands

“The business climate for energy-related companies in the Northern Netherlands is excellent.  Companies can immediately respond to numerous activities, such as gas extraction and transport, the construction of power plants, biomass developments, machinery construction and wind energy.”
Gerrit van Werven, Energy Valley Director, Groningen

Governments, knowledge institutes and industry from the provinces of Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe and the upper part of Noord Holland work closely together within the Energy Valley region on the expansion of business activities, energy transition and knowledge and innovation. In recent years, numerous projects have been initiated that have put Energy Valley clearly on the map.

Marking out a strategic course

The Energy Valley is founded on three pillars: retaining and expanding existing business activities in the energy sector; promoting the use of sustainable energy, and, developing the knowledge infrastructure in the energy sector. The Energy Valley foundation marks out the course for these three challenges while monitoring the compatibility and connections between the various initiatives supported.

The foundation set about creating the conditions in which public and private sector initiatives would succeed. By stimulating and supporting the companies and institutions forming the Energy Valley, the foundation has established a broad and integrated cluster of energy activities which contributes to economic development in the region.

Gaining significance

Through the many new investments both in the field of fossil fuel and sustainable energy, the Energy Valley has become a cluster of national and international significance with great knowledge in the areas of natural gas, heating, cooling, climate control, and wind, solar, geo- and bio-energy. As many as 400 companies make up this cluster, covering roughly 350 projects. By combining forces, public and private organisations are transforming the Energy Valley region into the energy centre of the whole of Europe.

The energy sector employs roughly 25 000 people in the north of the Netherlands. With this strong workforce, the country is in an excellent position for further expansion in a sector with great potential for growth.

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