Digital Region

The project aims to create a next-generation public sector broadband infrastructure to transform the economy of the region. It aims to provide an infrastructure that allows the public sector and commercial service providers to deliver more advanced services to both citizens and business and to address the social inclusion agenda, making the Internet affordable and available to a wider range of people. A range of services, delivered over broadband, will be offered, focussed on the small and medium enterprises, residential customers and the public sector.

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Project description

The products delivered by the project are:

      - A converged network that can carry every type of traffic on a single network platform (next-generation broadband);
      - High speed digital communications with a guaranteed quality of service;
      - Widespread coverage for businesses, homes and public sector sites in South Yorkshire;
      - A Network Operations Centre to manage the network and provide services to businesses. 


The deployment will be focused initially on key public sector sites, then core SME clusters and resident areas. The aspiration is to offer 100% coverage across South Yorkshire.    Digital Region will make new innovative services possible throughout South Yorkshire by deploying a fibre infrastructure (combination of new built and existing fibre routes) that all Service Providers can use on equal terms. This fibre infrastructure will use the latest generation of broadband technology, which can differentiate between types of network traffic, giving priority to voice and video. It will also extend the reach of fibre from telephone exchanges to streets and neighbourhoods.

What are the project likely benefits ?

The project will create 238 jobs during the implementation phase and 2858 jobs during the operational phase. It will cover the city, towns and villages of Sheffield, Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham and serve a population of over 1.3 million citizens, 546 000 homes and 40 000 businesses.

What are the project likely environmental benefits ?

The project does not leave any negative impact on the environment. It is not an environmentally sensitive project.

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