Better access to Port Talbot on the horizon

Efforts to open up access to Port Talbot, and consequently European markets, include providing 4.8 km of dual carriageway access roading, on mainly brownfield land, as well as a new 2-km cycle/walking path linking up with the national cycle network.

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The path offers an alternative means of transport to the car, while the new access road will mean more options for commuters, including ‘park and ride’. SME growth is also on the cards, with land being made available for their development.

Paving the way towards a modern economy

As part of developing a modern economy, the project is looking to increase accessibility within the region and promote sustainable transport solutions. This will also mean better accessibility to markets, including improved links to Port Talbot in West Wales, encouraging more movement of freight by sea. The new infrastructure will belong to the local council and will be managed and maintained in accordance with the Highway Asset Management Plan (HAMP). 

Easy access for cars and bikes

The 4.8 km access road, from the M4’s Junction 38 into Port Talbot and the docks area, is being built mainly on brownfield land, making it easier to reach Port Talbot town, Margam and Aberavon. It comprises a dual carriageway with 7.3 m wide carriageways, 300 mm wide hard strips and a 2.5 m wide paved central reserve. Street lighting is also planned along 2 km of the route.

This section connects with previously completed stages of access road linking the area to the M4’s Junction 42 and West Wales, providing a key enhancement to the TEN-T network, with reduced congestion and delays. The transport infrastructure works are also expected to create more opportunities for transferring freight from road to sea, with increased shipping activity and waterfront development.

Integrated transport ‘park and ride’ proposals at Port Talbot Parkway Station will become more viable as a result of the improved access. For those on bikes, the new 2-km cycleway provides an important commuter link for people working in industries and other proposed and existing businesses in the area.

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Some 600 jobs will be created during the construction phase, providing an added boost to the regional economy. Once the project is completed, almost 210 hectares of previously industrial mainly ‘brownfield’ land will also become available for use by SMEs and other industries, which will benefit from better access to European markets. Less traffic congestion will help improve the environment and quality of life in Port Talbot, making the town a more attractive place in which to live, work and invest.

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