Water infrastructure and sanitation protection for Valencia

The Albufera Lake is set in the heart of the Albufera Natural Park, surrounded on three sides by an extensive rice-growing area, under the protection of the Natural Park. This in turn is bordered to the north and west by the city of Valencia, with nearly 1.5 million inhabitants, and significant industrial activity.

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This is a major environmental infrastructure project, under priority 3 ‘Energy resources and access to Transport Services’ of the 2007-2013 Comunidad Valenciana Operating Programme.

The project’s objective is to strengthen the ecological protection of the Lake Albufera Natural Park, close to Valencia, by diverting both waste water and water run-off to a new infrastructure, which will ensure efficient treatment of the water before it re-enters the lake.

More specifically, the project is concerned with the building of the so-called ‘West collector’. This will include nine rainwater interceptors, which will collect the most polluted run-off water. There will also be seven holding reservoirs, seven treatment stations and one emptying engine.

This project aims to build a set of hydraulic infrastructures to correct deficiencies in the drainage system in the metropolitan area of Valencia – West Collector, found north of Lake Albufera. These works are designed to treat waste water from 13 communes in the greater Valencia area and carry it to the waste-water treatment station, Pinedo II. The new infrastructure provides a crossover network, which allows diversion of waste water, run-off water and rain water through the ‘West collector’, and bypassing the natural drainage network. The beneficiary population of this infrastructure should amount to at least 110 000 people.

New infrastructure investment

The establishment of the various infrastructures includes the ‘West Collector’, comprising of nine rainwater interceptors, which will collect the most polluted run-off water. There will also be seven storage reservoirs, seven treatment stations and one momentum dump. The Acequia Favara infrastructure is a water conduit, which is made up of three distribution courses that will provide irrigated water intercepted by the new infrastructure.

The main objective of this project is the sustainable conservation and management of public lands and water catchment areas, by reducing contamination of the waters entering into Lake Albufera, as a result of inputs of nutrients and other pollutants into that environment. This will facilitate the establishment of an environment more suited to the development of both animal and plant life, which will have a direct impact on the quality of life of the local population, who will benefit from an environment of higher quality. It is also envisaged that this project will generate 170 jobs during the 2 years of the implementation stage.

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