New train-tram line for the Cádiz Bay area

A project to install a new train-tram line in the bay area around the of the city of Cádiz in Andalusia, Southern Spain, promises to cut pollution, reduce traffic and improve journey times.

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This ambitious project involves the construction of a train and tram line connecting the cities of Chiclana de la Frontera and San Fernando to Cádiz. The total length of the line is 23.5 km, of which 10 km uses the train line which already operates between Seville and Cádiz. The new line offers a real alternative to driving, due to its accessibility to local residents, quick travel times, and reliability.

In urban areas, the vehicle operates just like a tram, stopping at regular intervals, but in non-built up areas between the cities, it travels at higher speeds, cutting travel times significantly. The streets hosting the tram line are being completely transformed, leaving city centres pedestrianised and therefore car free. Noise and air pollution are expected to decrease dramatically as a result.

Good news for commuters and the environment

The city authorities predict an increase of up to 21 % in people using the new line over driving. It is expected for the train-tram line to be 42 % quicker than the train, and 26 % faster than taking the car. Meanwhile, reductions of 97 % in traffic injuries and 75 % in road deaths are foreseen. Moreover, CO2 emissions look set to decrease by some 7 000 tonnes each year.

Over 230 000 inhabitants who live within 500 metres of the line are expected to benefit. The investment opens up the Bay of Cádiz to other cities and regions, which is important as Cádiz currently has one of the highest levels of unemployment in Spain. The works are expected to create 1 800 jobs until completion which is foreseen for end 2015.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Tren Bahia de Cádiz” is EUR 205 459 634, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 134 593 978 from the Operational Programme “Andalusia” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under the priority “Transport and energy”.

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