Larger wastewater plant to cater for a growing population

The city of Segovia is soon to benefit from an enlarged wastewater treatment plant, covering all its projected requirements.

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The new project aims to provide facilities capable of processing over 41 200 cubic metres of water a day. It will benefit not only the city but also surrounding areas.

Enlarged wastewater plant

Segovia is located in northern central Spain, some 90 km north-west of Madrid. The city has grown significantly over recent decades and today has a population of some 57 000.

As the city’s population grows, so does the quantity of its wastewater. A new project, co-funded by the EU, aims to expand the existing treatment plant. Once completed, it will be capable of processing all of the waste produced by Segovia and the surrounding municipalities of La Lastrilla and San Cristóbal de Segovia, plus that from the industrial parks of El Cerro and Hontori. The enlarged facilities will produce effluent of sufficient quality for subsequent reuse and have only a minimal impact on the River Eresma, into which it will eventually flow.

A cleaner local environment

The extension of the wastewater treatment plant will include five main measures. Initially, for the pre-treatment remodelling, contractors will install a new landfill leachate tank. They will also replace gates and railings, waste transport systems, sludge collection equipment, the degreaser, and will close and deodorise the pre-treatment area.

Work in the primary treatment phase will include adding a new chemical and physical system, plus changes to the recirculation systems. This will be followed, in the new secondary treatment phase, by the installation of a membrane based (MBR) treatment and refurbishment of existing biological rafts.

Sludge treatment will be redesigned, with the addition of new primary sludge thickening units and a new digester for sludge stabilisation, plus replacement of mechanical drying equipment. Lastly, a mini powerplant will be installed at the point of discharge, to harness the energy generated by the final jump between the waterline and river level.

The enlarged installation will be able to treat 41 274 cubic metres of wastewater daily and should serve up to 60 000 local inhabitants. The project is expected to directly create 36 jobs during the implementation stage and 13 during the operational stage. It will also contribute to environmental sustainability in and around Segovia, handling all local wastewater prior to its evacuation into the river.

Total and EU funding

The project “Ampliación de la estación depuradora de aguas residuales de Segovia” has a total eligible budget of EUR 22 459 500, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund / Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 15 727 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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