Irrigation canal also delivers drinking water

More than 40 towns and villages in the Lleida region will benefit from a new supply of drinking water, taken directly from the Segarra-Garrigues Canal.

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The new infrastructure mainly comprises a water-treatment plant, distribution network and drains. It will serve several Catalan municipalities in the areas of L’Anoia, La Conca del Barberá, La Segarra and L’Urgell.

Water extraction and distribution

Extended droughts pose a serious problem for many regions in Spain. Under construction since early this century, the Segarra-Garrigues Canal will be around 85 km long and seeks to bring irrigation water to over 70 000 hectares of agricultural land in the Province of Lleida.

Local communities can also draw fresh supplies of drinking water from the canal. That is the idea behind this major project, involving the construction of water-related infrastructure near the remote village of Les Pallargues, situated some 10 km north-east of Tàrrega.

The new system will consist of an intake from the Segarra-Garrigues Canal and a drinking water-treatment plant near the village of Ratera. It will also include a distribution network with a trunk main of almost 49 km and several drains of around 64 km leading to the municipalities. To keep the water flowing, engineers will also build 10 several pumping stations, five regulation reservoirs. This will be completed by the installation of various electrical and automation equipment, as well as work to reduce the new infrastructure’s environmental impact.

Capacity for further growth

When completed, this project will provide drinking water to some 62 600 people living near Les Pallargues, and potentially for up to 84 000 in future. The water-treatment plant will have a capacity of five cubic hectometres a year. This will later be increased to eight hectometres/year, so as to enable any future development and a capacity of up to 12 hectometres/year.

Due for completion by 2013, the project’s implementation phase is expected to create 95 jobs.

Total and EU funding

The project “Drinking water supply from the Segarra-Garrigues (Lleida) Canal” has a total eligible budget of EUR 31 310 600, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 15 500 000 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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