Motorway A5: Beltinci – Pince; Beltinci - Lendava

The project foresees the construction of a four-lane motorway at the section Beltinci - Lendava with a total length of 17 km.This section will contribute to the completion of the motorway between Koper and Lendava. The motorway should keep the transit transport away from the local communities in the region (i.e. Lenart, Gornja Radgona, Radenci, Murska Sobota, Beltinci) . It should also enable easier access to the Štajerska and Prekmurje regions. Furthermore an easier access of the large central European agglomerations to the Adriatic port-infrastructure (Koper and Trieste as the nearest harbours) will be enabled. The motorway should also further reinforce the transeuropean transport route between Barcelona and Kiev which is facing increased transit transport from the Eastern European countries.

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Project description

The motorway section Beltinci - Lendava, which is taking over the functions of the existing main roads, connects on the west to the existing Motorway sections Vučja vas – Beltinci, and on the east to the future Motorway section Lendava – Pince with the turning of the expressway to Dolga vas.

Two interchanges, Gančani and Turnišče, will be constructed. , In line with the water management guidelines, the polluted rainwater will be collected from the road surface.. On the Beltinci - Lendava section, protections, displacements and the construction of new public utility lines, such as canalization or emergency call system are foreseen. The project also consists ofconstruction of motorway bridges, overpass bridges, deviations and agricultural roads, overpasses for game and underpasses for amphibians. Both-sided resting place is planned. The motorway will be equipped with the prescribed vertical and horizontal signalization and with safety and protective fences, as well as with the noise protection barriers.

What are the project likely benefits?

The completion Motorway Maribor – Lenart – Beltinci - Pince (a part of which represents the section Beltinci – Lendava) will bring large benefits to inhabitants of Pomurje and Štajerska region. The access to Pomurje, with its 125 000 inhabitants, and to Štajerska with its325 000 inhabitants, will be eased. The local population will particularly benefit from the new motorway in the daily migrations between the workplaces and local supply centres and thanks to the closer links to Hungary). Furthermore, the motorway will keep the transit traffic away from the town centres of (e.g.Lenart, Gornja Radgona, Radenci, Murska Sobota, Beltinci), which will result in increased tourist attractiveness of those places and offer apossibility for their development. In the case of the Beltinci – Lendava motorway section, the bulk of heavy transit cargo traffic (94%) will move to the motorway. From a broader scope, the project will contribute to the improved access of large central agglomerations, especially Budapest with 1.7 million inhabitants, to Adriatic port-infrastructure, Koper and Trieste being the nearest harbours.

What are the project likely environmental benefits?

The In general, the project will reduce the burden on the surrounding areas caused by the existing roads.. The project implementation should take into account all required environment protection measures.

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