Freeing up local towns from transit vehicles

Towns and settlements in the Trebnje will benefit from a new motorway being built in the South Eastern part of the wider Ljubljana and Dolenjska region. The new motorway forms part of the Salzburg-Ljubljana-Zagreb link and reinforces the north-south transport route to the Balkans. It is estimated that speeding up the connection times will save €9.5 million.

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Increasing capacity and safety

The main goal of the A2 Motorway project between Karavanke and Obrežje is to reinforce the transport route between the EU and the Balkans. The upgraded network will increase capacity, traffic safety, accessibility, attractiveness and the business potential of the Trebnje region.

Transit traffic from existing roads running through the municipalities will be diverted to the newly constructed motorway. This will result in better living conditions for local residents as the quality of their environment improves through reduction in noise pollution. Journey times locally, to work for example, will be reduced as goods traffic is diverted.

The project will also provide favourable circumstances for tourism, regional trade and industrial centres. 

The road upgrade is part of work on the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) strategy for the Slovene section of the EU’s transit route to the Balkans, especially Ljubljana and Zagreb, both of which have active and populous surroundings.

Ninety-five new jobs will be created while the work is ongoing and once completed, estimates are that there will be half the number of fatalities, 40% fewer serious injuries caused by accidents on the road, and around 10% fewer minor injuries.

New and upgraded infrastructure

There will be a 7.6 kilometre four-lane section running from Pluska-Ponikve. This along with the Trebnje-west interchange, the Leščevje tunnel and the Ponikve viaduct, represent major engineering structures. These are the main focus of the project, but a number of auxiliary structures will also be constructed, such as one pedestrian overpass, four underpasses for traffic and one underpass for animals.

There will also be the relocation or construction of new public utility lines including those needed for water supplies, sewage, electricity, public lighting, gas, and telecommunications networks.

The motorway will be equipped with the necessary vertical and horizontal signalling systems along with 26 157 metres of safety fences, 14 500 metres of fences to keep off animals and 2 979 metres of noise protection barriers.

The motorway section takes over the function of the existing main roads and will connect in the west with the Korenitka-Pulska and to the east with the future motorway section to run between Ponikve and Hrastje.

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