Europe helps Slovenia get the most out of train travel

Electrification and other improvements for more than 100 kilometres of a key transport route in Northern Slovenia are expected to bring new jobs and growth to the neighbouring regions of Podravska and Pomurska.

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The project involves the reconstruction, electrification and upgrading of a section of 160 km/h on the railway line between Pragersko and Hodoš, the modernisation of level crossings and the construction of subways on railway stations. The investment will improve the quality and competitiveness of cargo, increase the traffic speed and bring more travel security on the line.

Everyone will benefit from the energy savings, greenhouse gas reduction technologies, and high environmental standards that have been incorporated from the earliest stages of the project.

Connecting Europe

The project is one of ten priority railway corridors in the key trans-European transport network, known as TEN-T. It is part of the section linking together towns across France, Hungary, Ukraine and Slovenia.

This project will see 109 kilometres of an existing railway line electrified, as well as the construction of five new electrical substations. Speed and capacity will both be increased through upgrades to railway lines and the reconstruction of 14 stopping points. Seven level crossings will no longer be needed, as infrastructure is improved along the line. Four large steel bridges are due to be rebuilt and two replaced altogether. 13 522 metres of noise protection walls are planned and 166 buildings protected with tailored passive measures.

Total and EU funding

Total investment for the project "Reconstruction, electrification and upgrading of the railway line Pragersko-Hodoš for 160 km/h" is EUR 329 836 548 with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 166 220 642 through the “Development of environmental and transport infrastructure” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period, under the “Railway infrastructure” priority.

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