Wastewater treatment works connecting thousands to new sewer networks

Three wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are upgraded and new sewerage networks constructed in a major project with the aim of raising the quality of life for thousands of people in two regions of western Slovakia.

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The main objective of this scheme is to provide adequate wastewater collection and treatment for the agglomerations, or areas, of Topoľčany, Bošany, Solčany, Kovarce, Partizánske, Veľké Uherce and Bánovce nad Bebravou. The scheme also aims at reducing surface and groundwater pollution.

There are several elements to the work programme, which, when completed, will deliver a new sewerage system (including connections) that is almost 100 000 m in length along with 49 pumping stations. The scheme will connect more than 11 000 people to the sewerage network. When the work is competed, about 85 % of local people will be connected to the sewer system.

In addition, more than 115 000 local inhabitants will benefit from improved wastewater treatment services when the three plants are upgraded. The work will ensure that the WWTPs can operate at their required capacity and meet effluent parameters for wastewater pollution laid down in government and EU legislation.

Multi-site project

The project covers three geographic areas with work divided as follows:

Topoľčany: A public sewerage system will be constructed in some parts of the region and in the municipalities of Tovarníky, Jacovce, Nitrianska Streda, Čeľadince, Solčany and Bošany. Topoľčany’s WWTP will be completed and extended in order for it to cope with greater hydraulic and mass loads.

Partizánske: Some districts of Partizánske city and the municipalities of Veľké Krštenany, Malé Krštenany, Pažiť, Brodzany, Veľké Uherce, Kolačno and Malé Uherce will benefit from a new public sewerage system. Work to upgrade the local WWTP will help it to deal more effectively with concentrations of suspended solids, nitrogen and phosphorus.

Bánovce nad Bebravou: A sewerage system will be built in the city of Bánovce nad Bebravou and its districts of Malé Chlievany, Horné Ozorovce and Dolné Ozorovce, as well as in the Horné Naštice municipality. The WWTP will receive new parts to improve mechanical treatment, along with new tanks to help the facility deal more effectively with biological waste.

The entire project will help Slovakia meet obligations set out in the EU’s Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (91/271/EEC). It is estimated that 878 jobs will be created during the project’s 12-month implementation phase.

Total and EU funding

The project “Waste Water Treatment Plant North” has a total eligible budget of EUR 102 481 786, with the EU’s Cohesion fund contributing EUR 55 201 943 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. The project is funded through the priority "Integrated protection and rational utilisation of water" of the Operational Programme “Environment”.

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