Train marshalling concentrated at a single yard

A train marshalling yard in the city of Žilina in north-western Slovakia is being upgraded, turning it into the main one for the whole region.

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The aim is for Žilina-Teplička marshalling yard to gradually take over the train operations currently done at five separate yards. This project is also in line with EU plans for a priority railway route on the trans-European transport network, the so-called TEN-T programme.

One yard replacing five

Žilina is a city of some 85 000 people and is important to Slovakia because of its automotive production. It is at the junction of several Slovakian railway lines and, as an element of the TEN-T programme, forms part of the priority rail route running from Gdańsk in Poland to Vienna in Austria.

This project will centralise formation of the Žilina region’s trains at Žilina-Teplička, located several kilometres to the north-east of the city, next to the River Váh. This marshalling yard will take over shunting and marshalling activities currently done at old yards in Žilina and the town of Vrútky some 25 km to the south-east. New infrastructure to be built includes track and signalling equipment.

Additional track and facilities

The engineering work will provide direct employment for more than 40 people. Around 36 km of new rails will be constructed and more than 100 sets of points (switches), all to the latest international standards. Additional infrastructure foreseen under the project includes 34.6 km of overhead lines, known as a catenary system, over 72 km of signalling and cabling, and three transformer units.

It is hoped that the Žilina-Teplička marshalling yard will enhance the competitiveness of rail-freight transport compared to other transport modes, through time and operational cost-savings. The yard’s new state-of-the-art infrastructure should also improve interoperability requirements for national and international trains in the Žilina region. Lastly, it will make conditions safer for employees engaged in train marshalling operations.

Responsibility for management, operation and maintenance of the new Žilina-Teplička marshalling yard lies with the Railways of the Slovak Republic, which will also collect fees from the use of the infrastructure.

Total and EU funding

The project “Žilina – Teplička marshalling yard, lot Nr 2, stage 2” has a total eligible budget of EUR 125 614 900, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 87 227 900 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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