Motorway D1 Sverepec-Vrtižer

The new motorway section is part of the European-wide TEN-T transport network and is essential for the economic development of the Slovak Republic. It will also  eliminates one of the major remaining bottlenecks on this important road corridor between Bratislava and the already existing part of motorway close to Žilina. The corridor is of specific importance for the automotive cluster, which is developing along the motorway (in Bratislava, Trnava and Žilina), as well as for the accessibility of northern and western Slovakia and the international traffic relations in north-south as well as east-west direction.
The main objective is to increase international and regional accessibility through the significant  time and cost savings the new motorway section will offer, and to reduce traffic jams and accidents. The project will also help to improve  accessibility within the town of Považská Bystrica.

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Project description:

The new dual two-lane motorway section, has a total length of 9 595 meters (of which 4 429 meters of viaducts and bridges)  The project also includes two major intersections, as well as a maintenance centre and a motorway service and rest area.

What are the project likely benefits?

Through improving connections along the 'backbone' transport corridor connecting Bratislava with Žilina, this project will bring benefits for both inhabitants across Slovakia (5.5 Mio. inhabitants), as well as for international users using the D1 as a transit corridor, both in terms of better accessibility and improved road safety. More specifically, the elimination of one of the major remaining bottlenecks on this important road corridor will help reduce journey times etc. for people living in the Žilina region (691 000 inhabitants), Trenčín region (610 000 inhabitants) and the Bratislava region. People living in the town of Považská Bystrica (42 000) will benefit from improved in-town transport routes and the significant reduction in traffic transiting the town.

What are the project likely environmental benefits (where relevant)?

The project will make a major contribution to reducing traffic congestion in the town of Považská Bystrica.

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