More environment friendly waste water treatment to benefit more people

Investment in water supply and treatment in the district of Bytča is providing more people with access to the sewerage system and improving environmental standards for residents. The scheme ensures Slovakia’s EU obligations for water supply and treatment.

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The project consists of two parts: waste water collection and treatment, and water supply. Regarding the first part of the project, the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) of Bytča will be intensified and upgraded, intensifying the biological stage and sludge treatment of waste water. The WWTP of Hvozdnica will be dismantled and replaced with a pumping station linked to the sewerage network of Malá Bytča.

The second part involves linking the municipalities of Veľké Rovné and Kotešová to the Nivy water supply, and the municipalities of Kolárovice, Petrovice, Hvozdnica and Štiavnik, to the existing Bytča water supply. In all, 61.9 km of sewer network will be constructed, as well as 52.4 km of water supply network.

Contributing to reach EU and environmental requirements

The project aims at increasing the scope of adequate waste water collection in two agglomerations in Slovakia, Bytča and Hvozdnica, thus benefiting approx. 11 000 inhabitants, as well as ensuring that the water supply does not affect the environment. Moreover, approx. 8 500 inhabitants will be connected to the water supply network. The project will furthermore contribute to Slovakia complying with EU requirements with regards waste water collection and treatment.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project "Water supply, waste water collection and treatment in the district of Bytča" is EUR 62 138 789, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund is contributing EUR 27 533 902 from the Operational Programme “Environment” for the 2007 to 2013 programming period. Work falls under priority axis “Integrated protection and rational utilisation of water.”

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