Major water management project makes waves

A new water project in the North-West of Slovakia will bring major benefits to thousands of EU citizens.

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The “Drinking water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment” project in the Ilava District will reduce pollution and improve waste water collection. It will also bring drinking water to people struggling to find regular or reliable supplies.

Water of life

The Slovakian project will give 3 222 more people access to good quality water. It will connect over 6 000 people to the sewage system. The project will involve the upgrading of existing facilities, as well as the construction of a new central pumping station.

Completing work in Ilava will mean bringing improved wastewater collection and treatment to four sites. Work has three main elements: extending the sewage system, upgrading a wastewater treatment plant, and constructing a new water supply network for two municipalities. The final project will connect at least 85 percent of existing producers to the public sewage network. Drinking water access will be improved through a combination of an improved use of existing systems and the construction of new public water systems.

The new sewage system will involve the construction of 39 608 m of gravity sewers, 15 pumping stations, and 7 991 m of delivery pressure sewers: connecting a total of 6 070 citizens. Drinking water supplies meanwhile will be boosted through the construction of a 13 891 m water supply network for 3 222 inhabitants.

Up to Europe’s highest standards

When completed, the drinking water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment project will bring water facilities in Ilava in line with EU urban waste water treatment laws. It will ensure that water also meets standards set out in EU drinking water legislation. The project is being funded through a European policy designed to promote the integrated protection and rational utilisation of water.

Improvements to existing facilities include making it easier to remove nitrogen and phosphorus from the water: this entails dramatically increasing the capacity and efficiency of an existing wastewater plant. A pumping station will be improved to meet effluent limits set out in the latest legislation.

The drinking water system meanwhile has been designed to fit with the redesigned sewers. The drinking water itself will come from an existing water main, which already has adequate capacity but an inadequate distribution network. Where possible, pipes will be installed underneath public roads and public land. 701 jobs will be created during the first year of the project.

Total and EU funding

The project “Drinking water supply, sewerage and waste water treatment in Ilava District” has a total eligible cost of EUR 65 999 820, with the EU Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 36 901 187 over the 2007-2013 programming period.

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