Košice – Milhost’ motorway improves regional transport connections

The construction of the R4 Košice-Milhosť express road contributes to the improvement of Slovakia’s transport infrastructure, providing a safe, high-capacity express road interconnection and offers the highest level of comfort and the best transport route.

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The new express road is a fundamental part of Slovakia’s transport infrastructure, under the designation R4 of the national motorway and express road network. Not only the population of the Košice and Miskolc regions, but also international users of the transit corridor, will benefit from this project.

A trans-European transport network

The express road R4 Košice-Milhosť links the Košice South junction to the existing transport network of the I/68 , with a projected connection to express road R2 at that junction. This means that the express road is connected to the I/68 near the Milhosť/Tornyosnémeti border crossing with Hungary.

In the section R2 Košice Šaca–Košické Olšany, the express road is connected to multi-modal transport corridor V and its modification in Slovakia by branch V.A on the route Bratislava–Žilina–Košice–Užhorod (Ukraine). Ineed, the route is part of the trans-European transport network – known as the TEN-T programme.

Local connections

In addition to constructing the 14.175  km of the Košice-Milhosť section of the R4, the project also includes two interchanges and 14  bridges. The Košice South junction connects express road R4 to the existing I/68 and the forthcoming express road R2. The second junction, at Kechnec, connects the express road to a class III road to the Kechnec industrial park between Kechnec and Perín Chym. There will be an approximate six bridges on R4, one bridge on I/68, two bridges on lower-class roads, and five bridges on bridleways.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “R4 Košice-Milhosť” is EUR 90  262  451, with the EU’s Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 42  757  774 under the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period. This project belongs to the priority axis “Road Infrastructure – Expressways and First Class Roads”.

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