Wider access to EU-standard water services

A quarter of a million people living in Romania’s Arges County are to enjoy significantly improved water services by 2016, with investments co-funded by the EU focusing on drinking water and wastewater.

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Work will centre on Pitesti, the county’s capital, and four surrounding areas. It will be carried out by the regional operating company APA Canal 2000 S.A.

One city and four towns

This project will ensure better access to drinking water and wastewater services in a part of Arges County in southern-central Romania. Besides Pitesti, a city of some 170 000 people, it will include the towns of Merisani, Stefanesti, Cosesti-Buzoesti and Topoloveni.

The project will meet Romania’s environmental priorities and will employ 150 people during its implementation. Specific goals include improvements to the treatment and distribution of drinking water, as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater, in line with EU water standards.

The upgraded water distribution network will cover 186 km, notably featuring eight new reservoirs, 20 new or rehabilitated wells, and nine new pumping stations. As for the wastewater network, it will cover over 287 km, 50 new or improved pumping stations, and four new or improved wastewater treatment plants.

Comprehensive new water services

Investments in Pitesti will concentrate on rehabilitation of a water treatment plant, construction of a new chlorination unit and reservoirs, plus larger and improved transmission and distribution networks. Also foreseen is an extension of the sewage network, with new or rehabilitated pumping stations and upgraded wastewater treatment plants.

Merisani, north-west of the city, will acquire new wells, reservoirs and a chlorination plant. The town will also see construction of transmission pipes and a distribution network.

Stefanesti, across the River Arges to the east, is to get an extended and rehabilitated well field, plus new reservoirs and chlorination plants. Its transmission network and extension will be extended and the distribution network upgraded.

Cosesti-Buzoesti, which lies south-west of the city, will acquire an extended and rehabilitated well field, a new water treatment plant, plus extensions or improvement of its water transmission and distribution networks. Its sewage network will also be given a major upgrade.

Lastly, Topoloveni, situated to the east of the city, will see improvements to its well field, a new water treatment plant and reservoir, plus extensions or rehabilitation of its water transmission and distribution networks. The town’s wastewater network will be greatly enhanced too.

The project will deliver better water services to around 224 000 people: all will enjoy connection to safe drinking water and the sewerage system. Environmental benefits are also expected from the wastewater work, with reduced local pollution of groundwater and subsoil.

Total and EU funding

The ”Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure in Arges County” project has a total eligible budget of EUR 99 776 000, with the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund together contributing EUR 74 621 100 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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