Valcea County cleans up its act

Six towns in south-west Romania will gain improved drinking water facilities and an upgraded wastewater treatment network.

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The project will connect over 90 % of the local population to both a safe drinking water supply and the sewer network, and help reduce environmental pollution.

Improving the water supply for thousands

This project is designed to improve both the drinking water supply network and wastewater collection and treatment for 187 000 people living in six towns in Valcea County, south-west Romania.

The major infrastructure project will be carried out by regional water company SC APAVIL S.A. for the inhabitants of Ramnicu Valcea, Dragasani, Calimanesti, Olanesti, Babeni and Balcesti. Ramnicu Valcea (pop. 92 000) is the capital of Valcea County, and lies on the banks of the Olt river, the longest river flowing exclusively through Romania and which flows to the Danube some 180 km to the south.

Health and environmental benefits

The project will connect 96 %, on average, of people in the towns affected to a safe drinking water supply, while 91 % will be connected to the sewer network. This will contribute, on the one hand, to better public health protection, and on the other, to a significant reduction in the volume of water contaminated with nutrient and organic pollution that is currently discharged directly into water courses, as well as polluting groundwater and the local subsoil.

The improvements will also help Romania to meet the environmental and public health obligations of its EU accession treaty.

Works will take three years

The works phase of the project will last for three years and create 250 jobs. Ten further full-time jobs will be created for the long-term operation of the water networks.

Improvements to the drinking water supply will require 79 km of distribution network to be built or rehabilitated, along with 26 km of transmission network, three pumping stations, five water reservoirs and three extended and upgraded water treatment plants.

For the wastewater disposal and treatment side of the project, APAVIL will add 114 km of sewers, rehabilitate another 14 km, and install or upgrade 51 pumping stations. Wastewater treatment facilities will be newly constructed or substantially upgraded in each of the six towns.

Total and EU funding

The project “Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure in Valcea County” has total eligible costs for funding of EUR 98 874 509, of which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 76 935 536 in the programming period 2007-2013.

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