Upgrading water and wastewater systems in Mures

In order to bring the Mures water and wastewater infrastructure to the level of EU environmental standards, an extension and rehabilitation project was devised for the county.

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The project, implemented by the regional operating company ‘SC Compania Aquaserv SA’, will cover water supply and treatment systems and wastewater collection and treatment systems in Targu Mures, Reghin, Sighisoara, Tarnaveni, Ludus, Iernut and Cristuru Secuiesc.

Key measures for an improved service

Expected to directly benefit the estimated 349 000 inhabitants who use the county’s water and wastewater services, the project will simultaneously bring the connection rate for both the sewer collection system and the drinking water network to 100%.

The project work is divided into key measures. In terms of the water supply network, these include: the upgrading of water catchment, the construction and rehabilitation of water transmission pipes, reservoirs and water treatment plants, and the extension and rehabilitation of distribution networks, including pumping stations. Regarding the sewerage infrastructure, key measures cover the construction and upgrade of five wastewater treatment plants and the extension and rehabilitation of the wastewater sewerage network, including pumping stations.

In total, 100 km of new or rehabilitated water transmission network and 63 km of new and rehabilitated water distribution network will be provided while the sewer network will be extended by 77 km.

Improving quality of life for all

The improved infrastructure will improve the quality of life of all 349 000 citizens living in the county by ensuring better access to drinking water and wastewater services and raising the connection rate for both to 100%. It will be particularly beneficial to the 32 000 inhabitants who will be newly connected to a safe drinking water supply system.

Additionally, the project will impact upon the local economy by directly mobilising 325 jobs during the implementation phase.

An improvement to the wastewater collection and treatment system will bring about a considerable reduction in the organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into the receiving water bodies. Significant environmental benefits will also stem from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination, thanks to the extended wastewater system.

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