Thousands to enjoy enhanced water services

A major improvement to water services will soon benefit more than 246 000 inhabitants in south-east Romania. The project will concentrate on investments in drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and treatment, including two treatment plants.

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Work will be spread over several years and carried out in various areas of Braila County. The goal is to ensure better access to drinking water and wastewater services for almost their entire population.

Infrastructure overhaul

Target areas in the project are Braila, the county’s capital, as well as the smaller towns and communes of Ianca, Insuratei, Faurei, Viziru and Tufesti. The main aim there is to meet Romania’s water compliance obligations in the Accession Treaty and the objectives of the Operational Programme for Environment.

The work will focus on extension and rehabilitation of water sources, water transmission pipes and water treatment plants, extension and rehabilitation of water reservoirs, pumping and booster stations, and water metering and distribution networks. Also covered are the extension and rehabilitation of the wastewater collection system and rehabilitation of two treatment plants, the latter designed to cope with the needs of areas that have populations of 22 500 and 20 000.

Water to meet EU standards

Measures taken in the project are expected to improve water services for almost a quarter of a million people, or around 99% of those living in the service area. Some 55 650 more inhabitants will be connected to the wastewater system, which will be fully compliant with EU standards, while an additional 17 140 people will have better access to EU-standard drinking water.

Thanks to improved wastewater collection and treatment, there will be a considerable reduction of organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into local water bodies and ultimately into the Danube River. Further environmental benefits will arise from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination, as a result of the extension of the wastewater system. An estimated 40 jobs will be created while the works are being carried out and 150 jobs in the operating stage.

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