Suceava County to get improved access to clean water

Over 200 000 inhabitants are set to benefit from improved water services thanks to investment in a major water treatment and waste-water collection project in the north-east of Romania.

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The project, which is spread over five cities in the county of Suceava, consists of the construction and upgrade of seven waste-water treatment plants. The water distribution network stretching some 162 kilometres (km) will be improved and extended. Pumping stations, water tanks and chlorination units will also get a much-needed upgrade. Over 142 km will be added to the sewage network ensuring that everyone in these areas of the county will be connected to the sewage system.

In addition, 125 jobs will be created in the area for a period of four years while the project is in operation.

Reducing pollution, improving the quality of life

Despite being surrounded by numerous fresh water resources including rivers, natural and artificial lakes, the Danube River and ground waters, Romania still has relatively small supplies of clean drinking water compared to other European countries.

Until now, untreated or inadequately treated waste water has been discharged directly into local water resources thus causing contamination and therefore reducing the access to clean drinking water. In addition, not everyone is fortunate enough to be connected to both water and sewage systems. The risk to human health is high and the quality of life has also suffered.

Improving waste-water collection, upgrading sewer networks and building new pumping stations and water treatment plants will all serve to reduce the pollution of the water resources, groundwater and subsoil.

Such an investment is crucial to improve the lives of the people living in the country. Being connected to a proper functioning sewage system and having access to sufficient supplies of clean water will significantly improve the quality of their lives and reduce the risk of disease.

Protecting the environment

An improved water supply and sewerage infrastructure has several environmental benefits. Better waste-water collection and treatment will ensure that pollutants containing nutrients, which can stimulate growth of aquatic life and wreak havoc on ecosystems, will no longer be discharged into rivers and lakes. In addition, contamination to subsoil will also be reduced.

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