State-of-the-art solid waste system to serve a county

Almost a third of a million people living in Caras-Severin County, in south-east Romania, are to benefit from a new and fully integrated waste management system.

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Work under this major project aims to introduce a 21st-century waste management system for the entire county, in line with Romania's environmental commitments under its EU Accession Treaty. Included are the closure of landfills that do not meet modern standards and the construction of a new compliant landfill.

Old landfills to close

Building an integrated solid waste management system in the county is expected to last 23 months, during which 160 jobs will be created directly. The following operational phase should generate some 260 jobs.

Under the project, work will focus on installing all the necessary waste separation, collection, transport, treatment, recycling and disposal facilities. Numerous existing non-compliant landfills will be closed and rehabilitated, including eight in urban areas and 97 in rural areas. Effort will also be made to raise public awareness of the importance of reducing waste at source or source separation of recyclable materials.

Better system for everyone

Once completed, the project will ensure a 100 % collection rate for mixed waste for the urban and rural population of Caras-Severin County. This compares with around 93 % and 84 % in 2009.

A further expected benefit will be a 50 % reduction of biodegradable waste that goes to landfill in 2013, compared to the 1995 reference year. This will stem from implementation of separate collection for the entire county's population, promotion of home composting, and the construction of treatment facilities for biodegradable waste. These facilities will be located in Lupac, with a sorting plant able to handle 33 700 tonnes/year and a mechanical biological plant designed for up to 63 870 tonnes/year.

Expected benefits of the new infrastructure include an end to illegal dumping, which will help to reduce health risks for the population and improve the quality of the environment. Moreover, having a reliable and compliant solid waste management system will make Caras-Severin a more attractive area for investors.

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