Solving a major waste problem benefits the environment and human health

A state-of-the-art integrated system for managing solid waste is being set up for more than 390 000 people in the Sud-Est region of Romania. Once operational, it will reduce the number of local illegal dumpsites and landfills while increasing the waste-recycling rate.

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Covering all of Vrancea County, the new solid waste system includes modern collecting equipment. A further goal is to raise public awareness, so as to reduce the amount of waste for collection and encourage more sorting of recyclable waste materials.

The big clean-up

Managed by Vrancea County Council, this integrated solid waste project’s main goal is to close existing local urban landfills and rural dumpsites, which are unsightly and a source of groundwater pollution. The county has received new equipment – such as containers and hauling vehicles – to collect solid waste from the domestic, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. Work is also underway to build three transfer stations and six ‘bring’ stations.

A new regional landfill is being constructed and will be fitted with equipment to treat waste by-products such as leachate (the liquid that drains from the landfill) and gas. Every year, the site will be capable of sorting 15 000 tonnes of solid waste and creating an equal amount of compost.

There are also plans to close and cap three urban landfills, to clean up two urban landfills, and to close, clean up or rehabilitate 200 rural dumpsites. Many of these sites will be covered by grass.

Extra jobs, cleaner environment

The project will cover the mixed waste needs of the entire urban population and 90% of the rural population and is expected to create 200 jobs during both the implementation and operational phases. It will also bring the county’s solid waste collection up to the highest European standards, in line with Romania’s 2007 EU entry obligations.

Besides reducing the health risks associated with pollution from illegal dumping, the new solid waste system will enhance the environment, reduce the amount of waste produced and make the county as a whole more attractive to potential investors. Any biogas generated on the sites will be collected and sold, with the added benefit of helping to reduce local greenhouse gases.

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