Significant upgrades for road linking Zalău and Răstoci in north-west Romania

European Union co-financing has contributed to the rehabilitation of a section of Romania’s national road DN1H in Sălaj County, in the country’s North-West Development Region. The stretch of road is 53.377 kilometres long and runs between the city of Zalău and the village of Răstoci.

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Under the project, the road surface has been strengthened to enable it to support axle loads of 11.5 tonnes. Where technically possible, and in particular outside of built-up areas and in places where expensive relocation of public utility infrastructure is not required, the carriageway and some sections of the entire road platform have been widened.

Renovation work has also included improvements to 12 bridges, 10 parking areas and 2 long-stay parking areas, 143 culverts for channelling streams and open drains under the road, 14 road junctions and 7 railway crossings.

Safer and shorter journey times

Investments in the rehabilitation work totalled around EUR 51.6 million, with more than EUR 29.3 million provided by European Union funding. A principal objective of the project was to support the development of a sustainable national road transport system for both people and businesses in Romania.

Of the 53.377-kilometre stretch of road covered by the project, 18.68 kilometres comprise upgraded 6-metre-wide carriageway, with a further 15.01 kilometres of 6-metre-wide carriageway receiving a new road surface. In addition, 16.94 kilometres of carriageway have been widened from 6 to 7 metres, while a further 2.74 kilometres have been widened to in excess of 7 metres.

The rehabilitated section of the DN1H is under direct public management by the Romanian national company of road infrastructure management (CNAIR SA). The improvements are expected to reduce the rate of accidents between Zalău and Răstoci by 10 %, cut the operating costs of the vehicles using the road by 11.3 %, and reduce journey times between Zalău and Răstoci by approximately 4 minutes.

Improved accessibility for a wide range of beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries of the improvements achieved by the project are both local and international users of the transport network, Sălaj County’s 249 200 inhabitants, as well as local communities and public services. People and businesses throughout the area covered by the project will also benefit from greater accessibility.

Zalău is the capital and largest city of Sălaj County, with a population of around 56 000. It sits on the river of the same name and at the junction of the Apuseni Mountains and the Eastern Carpathians. It is noted for its late-19th century theatre and city hall, its museum of history and art, its monument to 19th century nobleman, Miklós Wesselényi, and places of worship. Răstoci is a village of around 150 people situated in the commune of Ileanda which is home to some 2500 people.

Total investment and EU funding

Total investment for the project “Rehabilitation of DN1H Zalău – Răstoci” is EUR 51 648 908, with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 29 329 165 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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