Rehabilitating the district heating system in Oradea

This project involves the rehabilitation of the existing urban heating plants and heat supply networks in the Oradea municipality with the aim of reducing CO, SO2, NOx and dust emission concentrations and improving the energy efficiency of the system.

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The measures taken will help bring the plant in line with relevant EU legislation on the environment and the EU policy to reduce air pollution in an effort to tackle climate change. They will also improve energy efficiency by reducing the heat losses in the district heat supply network.

Connecting the coasts of southern Italy

Reducing the SO2 and NOx emission concentrations, which were exceeding authorised thresholds prior to the project, and improving the heating system for more than 141 000 inhabitants in Oradea are just two of the major benefits expected as a result of the project.

In concrete terms, the project involves the construction of specialist equipment and the rehabilitation of the existing network. Project tasks include:

  • the construction of two hot boilers run on natural gas/fuel oil;
  • the construction of one hot boiler run on natural gas;
  • the installation of a co-generation unit with a gas turbine and heat recovery boiler in the first plant, known as CET1, in order to reduce NOx, SO2 and dust emissions by phasing-out the use of lignite and increasing energy efficiency;
  • the installation of numerous auxiliary systems;
  • the partial rehabilitation of the transport network.

Reducing travel time

Following the project implementation, the infrastructure will be managed by the local operator, SC Electrocentrale Oradea SA, owned entirely by Oradea municipality.

Apart from improving the heat supply for 141 000 inhabitants, representing 70% of the population of the Oradea municipality, by reducing SO2 and NOx emissions, the project will contribute to improving the air quality and the health conditions for the whole population of the area. Moreover, the improvement of energy efficiency will allow for a reduction in the consumption of primary energy, including fossil resources and will therefore also contribute to a reduction in greenhouse emissions.

From a financial point of view, the project will contribute to making the Oradea area a more attractive place to invest in. It will directly create 185 jobs during the implementation phase. Energy efficiency gains, together with tariff increases, will also contribute to improving the financial sustainability of the district heating system, which is currently heavily reliant on operating subsidies.

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