Raising the bar for water and wastewater systems

This project aims is to raise the standard of water and wastewater infrastructure in specific municipalities in South-West Oltenia in order to bring the systems into line with EU environmental requirements.

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Implemented by the regional operating company ‘S.C Compania de Apa Oltenia SA’, the project comprises the extension and rehabilitation of drinking water and wastewater collection systems in the 12 municipalities of Craiova, Calafat, Bailesti, Filiasi, Segarcea, Dabuleni, Bechet, Ciupercenii, Vechi, Poiana Mare, Tunarii Vechi and Calarasi.

Water upgrade for 12 localities

Expected to impact around 389 600 inhabitants, the project work will involve the rehabilitation and extension of water sources, water transmission pipes, reservoirs and the distribution network (including pumping stations). It will also cover the rehabilitation and construction of chlorination plants, the rehabilitation of water treatment plants, the rehabilitation and extension of the wastewater sewerage network (including pumping stations) and the construction and upgrade of wastewater treatment plants.

A range of work will take place across the municipalities. Examples of specific works in the individual municipalities include: the construction of a sludge storage platform in Craiova; the reconstruction of the wastewater treatment plant in Filiasi; the upgrade of the wastewater treatment plant in Calafat and Ciupercenii Vechi; the rehabilitation of the well field and rehabilitation of the chlorination plant in Bailesti and Poiana Mare; the construction of a wastewater treatment plant in Segarcea, and the rehabilitation and extension of the water distribution network in Calarasi, Dabulenu and Bechet.

Raising the connection rate

Targeting 389 600 inhabitants, the connection rate to the sewer collection system is expected to reach 93.7% on average in the project areas. Meanwhile the connection rate to the drinking water network will reach 99.8%, offering an additional 26 579 inhabitants access to a safe drinking water supply system.

Apart from providing improved infrastructure, the project will also bring employment to the area by creating 450 jobs during the implementation stage.

The improvement of the wastewater collection and treatment systems will also considerably reduce organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into the receiving water bodies. Additionally, the local environment will benefit significantly from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination, thanks to the extension of the wastewater system.

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