Raising flood protection levels in the Prut Barlad catchments

Flood protection and prevention are the central aims of this project. The works undertaken include constructing polders, dredging and stabilising river beds, and providing flood hazard and flood risk mapping.

Additional tools


Some 16 000 local residents will directly benefit from better protection from floods, notably through new alert systems giving 3 to 4 hours warning to those in the risk areas of the Bahlui River basin.

Safer area more attractive for working and investing in

The body responsible for carrying out the project is the Prut Water Directorate of the national administration ‘Romanian waters’ (ANAR). There are vulnerable areas along Bahlui River that are in need of protection against flood risks. The project will ensure flood protection for the Iasi and Podu Iloaiei and Targu Frumos municipalities. It also aims at contributing to compliance with the requirements of EU Directive 60/2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks.

The result of the project will be an improved quality of life for citizens living in the service area, alongside added security, with the area being more attractive for business ventures and investments. The project is expected to directly create 315 jobs during the implementation phase.

Bolstering protection measures

The channel works on the Bahlui River include constructing and raising the defence embankment, reconstructing floodwalls, and dredging and stabilising the riverbed in the Iasi municipality. Polders will also be constructed on the River, covering respectively 120 and 265 ha downstream and upstream of the Podu Iloaeiei municipality. Furthermore, upstream of the Targu Frumos municipality, temporary storage will be developed by constructing temporary reservoirs and embankments.

Warning systems to save lives

Forecasting and warning systems will form an integral part of the decision support system in the Bahlui River basin. This will be backed by river level and runoff modelling, together with action plans and training. The Prut Barlad catchments  will also benefit from flood hazard and flood risk mapping.

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