Progress in the pipeline for Timiş county

Residents in Timiş county will soon be benefiting from an upgraded and modernised system for treating and distributing drinking water as well as an improved wastewater collection and treatment network.

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The project will not only help the region meet the water compliance obligations as set out in the Treaty of Accession, but also ensure that 99% of the local population is connected to the sewer collection system and has better access to drinking water and wastewater services, contributing to an improved quality of life.

Water and sewerage system pumped up for action

The key components in this major water and sewerage project are: extending and upgrading water transmission pipes and distribution networks, including pumping stations, reservoirs and water treatment plants; constructing chlorination plants; and upgrading and extending the wastewater sewerage network, including pumping stations and the construction of wastewater treatment plants. The works will be carried out on a total of eight wastewater treatment plants, bringing benefits to the target population of 373 504.

Clean and accessible drinking water

Upon project completion, 99% of local residents will be connected to the sewerage system and the drinking water network and will thus have access to safe water resources. In total, an additional 2 320 inhabitants will be connected to a safe drinking water supply system. The infrastructure and assets co-financed under the project will be operated by the beneficiary company S.C. AQUATIM. Local employment also stands to gain from the investments, with 250 direct jobs created during the initial works phase and 147 once the network and system is fully operational.

Closing the lid on soil and water contamination

Respect for the environment is uppermost in the project plans. The improvements made to the wastewater collection and treatment network will bring about a considerable reduction in organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into the receiving water bodies. Significant environmental benefits will also stem from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination following the extensions made to the wastewater system. This translates into a cleaner, healthier environment to be enjoyed by both local residents and visitors to the area.

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