New water treatment facilities set to improve quality of life

People living in the Centru region of Romania can look forward to a safer, cleaner water supply and an improved sewerage system due to a major construction project that will build new infrastructure and upgrade existing facilities.

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In many parts of Europe clean water and efficient sanitation systems are taken for granted. Nevertheless, some regions need to upgrade their water and wastewater treatment systems in order to bring them into line with general European standards.

This project will directly benefit 246 500 people in the Centru region by improving access to drinking and wastewater services. By completion, 99.7 % of the local population will be connected to the drinking water network, which means an additional 21 700 inhabitants will have access to safe water resources. The project also promises to ensure that 99.6 % of the local population is connected to the sewerage system.

In addition, there are significant environmental benefits as the extension of the wastewater system will eliminate groundwater and subsoil contamination.

Building for the future

Project activities will help Romania to meet water compliance obligations set out in the country’s EU Accession Treaty and their environmental priorities. Work will be carried out by the regional operating company SA Apa – Canal Sibiu SA in the agglomerations of Sibiu, Selimbar, Cisnadie, Rasinari, Sura Mare, Hamba, Mohu, Avrig, Marsa, Ocna Sibului and Fagaras.

To improve the water supply, work will include the following: Extending and rehabilitating water transmission pipes and water treatment plants; Extending and rehabilitating distribution networks and reservoirs; Constructing and rehabilitating pumping stations; Building chlorination stations.

The project also promises to extend and rehabilitate the wastewater sewerage network through construction of pumping stations and by the provision of new and upgraded wastewater treatment plants.

The project’s outputs provide evidence of its scale and scope. For example, it will deliver an extended and rehabilitated transmission network that is 113 km long, as well as six new pumping stations, 14 new and rehabilitated reservoirs and 14 new chlorination stations. The new and rehabilitated sewer network will be more than 110 km long, while 10 new wastewater pumping stations will be built along with three new and upgraded wastewater pumping stations. The project will mobilise 400 jobs during implementation.

Total and EU funding

The project “Extension and Rehabilitation of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Sibiu and Brasov Counties” has a total eligible budget of EUR 100 048 232, with the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund contributing EUR 76 553 905 for the 2007 to 2013 programming period.

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