New horizons for improved water network

This project will see major investments made to improve the treatment and distribution of drinking water as well as the collection and treatment of wastewater in the regions of Sud-Est and Sud-Muntenia, Romania. The effort will include the construction and upgrade of 12 wastewater treatment plants in the agglomerations targeted.

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For the local population, the benefits will be significant, with 97.8% of residents eventually connected to a drinking water network offering access to safe water resources; this represents an additional 36 047 inhabitants.

Eyes firmly fixed on efficient supply system

The key aims of the project are to upgrade and extend the water supply and treatment systems and wastewater collection and treatment systems in various municipalities. The works will cover groundwater sources, water transmission pipes, the construction of a water treatment plant, upgrade of a chlorination station, and various construction, upgrade and improvement works on water reservoirs, pumping stations, water tanks and distribution networks.

Taking water to the people

Almost 602 000 people in the agglomerations targeted will directly benefit from the project. The investment will notably improve the quality of life of citizens living in the areas serviced, by providing better access to drinking water and wastewater services: 97.8% of the population targeted will have access to a compliant drinking water supply, while 88.2% of the population in the wastewater agglomeration concerned will be connected to a much improved sewerage system.

Respect for natural surroundings

The project is expected to directly create 386 jobs during the works phase, another 103 once the network is operational. The improved wastewater collection and treatment will bring about a considerable reduction of organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into the receiving water bodies. Significant environmental benefits will also stem from the elimination of groundwater and subsoil contamination as a result of the extended wastewater system.

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