Less waste, better waste management for Timiş County

Romania's largest county, Timiş, is to benefit from an integrated waste management system bringing better environmental conditions, which will enable the region to meet the obligations set out in the country's EU Accession Treaty and environmental priorities.

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The waste management programme being undertaken in Timiş will benefit each and every one of its 650 000 inhabitants, both urban and rural. The project will eradicate illegal dumping bringing improvements in hygiene and environmental quality and thereby reducing health risks. In turn, Timiş will become even more attractive to investors. In addition, 380 jobs will be created during the implementation phase of the project.

Citizens participate to reap the benefits

A multi-faceted approach is being taken to solid waste in the region starting with raising awareness among citizens of the importance of reducing waste at source and of separating waste for the various collections. 100 % of the population of Timiş county will be provided with three separate collections – one for mixed waste, one for biodegradable waste and one for packaging waste.

Citizens will be provided with the necessary bins, and rural citizens will also receive home composting units to encourage this practice. This will ensure a significant reduction in the amount of biodegradable waste reaching landfill. The packaging waste collection will ensure a recovery rate of 60 % with total recycling of 55 % to include glass, paper, and cardboard, metal, plastic and wood.

New sites constructed to deal with all aspects of waste management

As part of this project, six existing landfill sites that do not meet the required standards will be either closed or upgraded to become functioning sites within the new system. A transfer station will be built in Timisoara, the county's main city, while three collection centres and a sorting station are planned for the wider area. The new landfill has in fact already been implemented in Ghizela as the County Council advanced the required financing sources.

In addition, a composting plant that includes a simple mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plant will be constructed to deal with biodegradable waste. Technical assistance for project management and supervision of works will be provided to Timiş County Council to ensure a smooth transition to the new integrated waste management system.

Total and EU funding

The project "Integrated waste management system in Timiş County" has a total eligible budget of EUR 35 200 000, with the EU's European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 25 200 000 for the 2007-2013 programming period.

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