Investment in water and sewerage system to improve public health and environment in western region of Romania

A multi-million euro investment package to modernise the water and wastewater infrastructure of a number of townships in western Romania is estimated to benefit around 138 000 people, improve the quality of drinking water and to bring wastewater treatment into line with European standards.

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The project involves the rehabilitation and extension of the water distribution and wastewater sewerage networks and the upgrade and construction of water transmission pipes, reservoirs, chlorination and treatment plants, wellheads, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.

When the project is completed towards the end of 2015, 63 989 inhabitants of the Çaras Severin Municipality whose properties do not currently have access to the wastewater sewerage system, will have been connected. This will bring the number of household whose wastewater is treated prior to discharge to 100 %. In addition, a further 19 050 people living in the municipality will, for the first time, be connected to a safe drinking water supply system, bringing the number of households connected to the drinking water network to 100 %.

Drinking water and wastewater treatment standards to be improved

Inhabitants of the agglomerations of Resita, Caransebes, Bocsa, Otelu Rosu, Moldova Noua, Oravita, Anina and Baile Herculane will benefit from the investment, which will see the creation of 150 jobs during the construction phase (which is scheduled to run from April 2013 to December 2015) and 12 jobs during the operational phase.

The improvements will bring the quality of drinking water and the treatment of wastewater in the municipality into compliance with Romania’s obligations under the EU Accession Treaty. Public health in the municipality is expected to improve from the improved hygiene that access to running water normally brings. In addition, the environment will benefit from the fact that all wastewater from households and businesses will be treated prior to discharge.

The assets financed by the project are expected to be operated in house by the beneficiary, the utility company SC Aquacaras SA.

Total and EU funding

The “Modernisation of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Çaras Severin County” project has an estimated total project cost of EUR 133 500 639, of which the EU’s Cohesion Fund will contribute EUR 89 252 991 from the 2007 to 2013 programming period budget under the operational programme “Environment”. The national contribution will be EUR 44 247 648. The project is funded through the priority “Extension and modernisation of water and wastewater systems” of the Operational Programme “Environment”.

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