Improvements to water infrastructure in Mehedinti County

Ten agglomerations are to receive a major overhaul of their infrastructure for drinking water and wastewater improving the standard of living for citizens and enabling Romania to meet its national environment priorities and compliance obligations in the EU Accession Treaty.

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Under this project, investments will be made into rehabilitating and extending the drinking water infrastructure (in terms of treatment and distribution) and the wastewater infrastructure (in terms of collection and treatment). The number of citizens directly benefitting from this project will be in the region of 140 000. As a result of this project, 99.6 % of these agglomerations will have access to safe drinking water and 96.7 % will be connected to the sewerage system.

Health benefits

Through the rehabilitations and extension of the water infrastructure, the organic and nutrient pollution load reaching water channels will be greatly reduced and groundwater and subsoil contamination will be eliminated. This in turn will have positive effects on the population’s health. Furthermore, employment will be boosted in the county as 197 jobs will be created during the implementation stage of the project.

Tailored upgrades

The agglomerations that are the focus of this project are Dobreta Turnu Severin, Strehaia, Vanju Mare, Baia de Arama, Simian, Cujmir, Branistea, Gura Vaii, Rogova and Comanda. Each agglomeration has its own requirements and is therefore receiving tailored infrastructure support. This support includes rehabilitation and/or extension of some or all of the following elements: the distribution network; water catchment network; sewage network; and the water transmission network. Pumping stations, reservoirs, wastewater treatment plants, chlorination units, nitrate reduction installations, and water transmission networks will be constructed in accordance with the requirements of each agglomeration.

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