Heating system for clean living in Timisoara

Conscious of rising energy costs and fewer energy resources, the municipality of Timisoara has plans to upgrade its existing urban heating plants and heat supply networks, including the installation of a desulphurisation unit and retrofitting of eight pumps.

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Emission concentrations in the area currently exceed authorised thresholds, notably SO2, NOx and dust. The project is focused on addressing this issue, in doing so helping improve energy efficiency, ensure compliance with EU environmental standards and reduce primary energy consumption, including fossil resources.

Focus on air quality and health

The existing district heating system supplies more than 224 360 residents, representing 73% of the population, as well as the majority of public institutions and service sectors. This project features as part of an overall action plan launched by the municipality, with future investments also earmarked for more emission reductions and network upgrading. The overall goal in these efforts is to improve the air quality and health conditions for the population and help make the Bacau area a more attractive place to invest in.

The assets financed by the project are operated by the local operator, Colterm SA, entirely owned by Timisoara municipality. The scale of the project is such that 197 direct jobs will be created during the works phase, each lasting an average of three years.

Tackling the issue of poisonous emissions

In a bid to reduce NOx and SO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency, the following works will be carried out under the project:

  • retrofitting of two hot water boilers in the CET Centre (58.15 MWt and 116.3 MWt respectively);
  • upgrading of three lignite steam boilers in the CET South (thermal capacity 100 t/h);
  • installation of a desulphurisation unit in the CET South;
  • retrofitting of transport pumps in two plants;
  • setting up of online monitoring equipment (hot boilers and steam boilers);
  • installation of four new frequency converters.

All works will be carried out based on the procurement strategy under four works contracts covering the retrofitting of boilers, pumps and the desulphurisation plant and three service contracts covering technical assistance for project management, project auditing and supervision services.

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