Green, clean heating investments in Romania

Improvements to urban heating systems in the South-West Oltenia region of Romania will bring a boost to human health and to the fight against climate change.

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The project to modernise district heating in South-West Oltenia’s Râmnicu Vâlcea municipality will also make sure air pollution standards are in line with EU norms.

A single project with many benefits

The rehabilitation project will cut sulphur, NOx and dust emissions, bringing associated health benefits to all those living in the Râmnicu Vâlcea area. Improvements to the urban heating network will have a positive impact on the 70 % of the municipality’s population who are connected to the system.

Energy efficiency improvements will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so support efforts to tackle climate change. Examples of work to be carried out during the six-year implementation phase include the installation of new ‘low NOx burners’, to cut coal dust emissions. Heating pumps and water pumps will be renovated to improve efficiency, and a new system will be put in place to detect network leaks.

A public awareness campaign will also be launched to increase overall understanding of air quality problems.
The South-West Oltenia region has agreed to carry out future associated investments in renewable energy to improve air quality standards.

More regional competitiveness

Long-term benefits of the project will not be limited to the fields of health and environment. 117 new jobs are expected to be created while project work is in progress, each lasting about two years. In addition, improved air quality and living standards are also likely to attract new investors to this area of central Romania long after the new system is in place.

Finally, it is predicted that energy efficiency gains and probable tariff increases will help create a financially sound district heating system and reduce Râmnicu Vâlcea’s need for subsidies.

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