Extending the water network in mountainous Harghita

Measures to connect homes to drinking water and the sewage network will reduce pollution in a county famous for its excellent hot mineral springs.

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This project will improve and extend the supply of drinking water and the sewer network in four towns in the county of Harghita in eastern Transylvania.

Works will reach 99 % of the population

Seventy-two thousand people will benefit from the infrastructure improvements. Works are focused on the city of Miercurea Ciuc, the county seat, Vlahita, a town to its west, and Sandominic Madaras and Siculeni-Ciceu, two villages to its north. By the completion of the project, 99 % of people in the affected areas will be connected to safe drinking water resources and to the sewerage network.

Environmental benefits

Harghita is a mountainous county known for its hot mineral springs, with settlements concentrated in valleys between the formerly volcanic peaks.

Increasing the collection and treatment of wastewater will reduce significantly the discharge of polluted waters to local waterways, reducing organic and nutrient pollution in rivers, streams and lakes as well as the contamination of groundwater and subsoil sources. The higher standards are part of the commitments to environmental protection that Romania made when it joined the EU in 2007.

Regional water company S.C. HARVIZ SA will carry out the works, which include, on the drinking water supply side, the rehabilitation of three existing water treatment plants, construction or repair of five chlorination plants, extending and upgrading over 30 km of water pipes, building or upgrading 11 reservoirs, and extending and improving the transmission network over 99 km.

On the wastewater side, the sewer network will be extended by 109 km, with 40 new or upgraded pumping stations. Two existing wastewater treatment plants, in Vlahita and Madaras, will be extended and improved to meet the needs of the larger population connected to the sewer network.

The project will create 233 jobs during the works phase, which should be completed by the end of 2015. A further 10 jobs will be created for the long term.

Total and EU funding

The project, “Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater infrastructure in Harghita” has eligible costs for funding of EUR 72 323 653, to which the EU’s European Regional Development Fund is contributing EUR 56 741 522 during the programming period 2007-2013.

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