EU funding strengthens national road network in north west Romania

The EU-funded project renovated some 76 km of national road in the Romanian counties of Maramures and Satu Mare. The key elements of the project include widening the road and improving paving throughout. This upgrade will help to relieve congestion and improve road safety.

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This north-west region of Romania has experienced an increase in traffic in recent years, which has led to bottlenecks, environmental degradation and concerns over road safety. 

This ERDF-funded project addresses these problems by focusing on improving key sections of this national road that connects Baia Mare and Livada; Livada and Halmeu; and Satu Mare and Livada. 

Faster roads

In particular, the project widened the existing road platform and strengthened the pavement. This remediation work will enable the road network to cope with freight up to 11.5 tons/axle load, helping to divert heavy traffic away from other roads. The upgraded road will allow for a top speed of 80 km/h. 

Travel time on the section between Baia Mare and Halmeu was to be reduced by six minutes, as was the travel time between Baia Mare and Satu Mare, which will also be cut by six minutes, while travel time between Satu Mare and Halmeu was to be reduced by three minutes. 

Key beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries of this rehabilitated infrastructure are local and international users of the transport network, along with inhabitants of Maramures and Satu Mare counties, the local communities and public services. Citizens and businesses within the region also benefit from improved accessibility.

This major project has been co-financed under priority axis 2 "Modernization and development of the national transport infrastructure aiming at sustainable national transport system" of the Transport Operational Programme 2007-2013 in Romania.

Total investment and EU funding

The total cost for the project “Rehabilitation of DN1C Baia Mare – Livada, DN1C Livada – Halmeu, DN19 Satu Mare – Livada” is EUR 56 048 225 with the EU’s European Regional Development Fund contributing EUR 31 853 973 through the “Transport” Operational Programme for the 2007-2013 programming period, priority axis “Modernisation and development of the national transport infrastructure aiming at sustainable national transport system”.

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