Bringing water infrastructure up to EU standards

Improved water services are coming to Alba County in central Romania. A major new project in several different municipalities and towns aims to upgrade the treatment and distribution of drinking water, while enhancing wastewater collection and treatment.

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When completed, the work will directly benefit some 187 500 people. Their new or improved water infrastructure will also be brought in line with EU standards.

Drinking water and sewage

The three-year project takes place in Alba County, central Romania. Its main goal is to improve or extend facilities for treatment of drinking water and sewage, with the aim of benefiting over 90% of the population.

Part funded by the EU, the project focuses on several municipalities and towns in the Mures basin. They include the county capital Alba Iulia, with a population of some 66 000, as well as Blaj, Campeni, Ocna Mures, Cugir, Sebes and Aiud.

The water infrastructure work is guided by a county-wide Master Plan for Water and Wastewater, prepared under an earlier EU (Instrument for Structural Policies for Pre-Accession - ISPA) project. It notably includes a 39 km extension of the sewage system in Alba Iulia, a 10 km extension of the water supply system in Aiud, and the rehabilitation of dozens of water treatment plants.

Environmental benefits

The project is expected to improve the quality of life for people living in the service area. Around 91% of the population there will enjoy better access to EU-compliant drinking water and wastewater services, including seven new wastewater treatment plants.

The work should create some 250 jobs during the construction phase, and result in around 10 permanent jobs to keep the water infrastructure up and running in the exploitation phase. People in the project area will also see environmental benefits, as improvements to the wastewater collection and treatment will lead to a considerable reduction of organic and nutrient pollution load discharged directly into the receiving water bodies.  Extension of the wastewater system will also eliminate groundwater and subsoil contamination.

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