Bringing safe drinking water into more Romanian homes

Water collection and wastewater capture and treatment will be upgraded in order to comply with EU water quality requirements in North East Romania.

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When the project is finished, local residents will have the quality of their lives significantly improved through better access to drinking water and sewage collection systems, environmental benefits and the creation of new jobs.

Extending treatment, collection and supply

The project will involve six agglomerations in a variety of complementary ways. In Piatra Neamt, water pipes will be updated, pumping stations constructed and updated, the distribution network enlarged, and the sewage network extended including the construction of pumping stations.

In the agglomeration of Roman the sewage network will be extended including the construction of more pumping stations and the extension and upgrading of a wastewater treatment plant. In Sabaoni, the sewage system will also be the focus of the project with another pumping station being built.

In Bicaz comprehensive upgrading will include chlorination plants and an extension of the distribution and sewage network including the construction of a pumping station. The wastewater treatment plant will be upgraded and extended. Similar work will be conducted in TirguNeamt along with the upgrading of a chlorination plant, reservoirs and pumping stations.

Savinesti-Roznov will see the upgrading of its wastewater treatment and sewage network including the construction of a completely new wastewater treatment plant. The distribution network will also be extended.

The project will also offer technical assistance for project management and help with supervising the system once it is fully implemented.

What the project means to local inhabitants

Around 237 000 people living in the project area will have better access to drinking water and waste water services. Following the project, an additional 7 000 people will have access to drinking water which complies with EU regulations, bringing the total to 95% of the population. Connection to sewer collection systems will reach 90% of houses in the regionsconcerned.

In addition to the improvements of the water system, the project will also create 200 jobs while the construction phase is on-going and 10 posts once the new system is up and running.

The project will also significantly benefit the environment. The improvement of wastewater collection and treatment will mean a considerable reduction of organic and nutrient pollution loads discharged directly into natural waterways. Groundwater and subsoil contamination will also be eliminated thanks to the extension of the wastewater systems.

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